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10 Of The Best Canadian Online Shopping Sites

online shopping

online shopping

Online shopping is fun. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to deal with the traffic, you don’t have to stand in long queues to make a purchase and you can shop from the convenience of your own home. Canadians are known for their love of the Internet. Research reveals that Canadians are among the top Internet users in the world, and one of the most loved activities when they are online is shopping! The choices one has when shopping online in Canada are numerous. Whatever you want to buy, you can get it online. From dresses, shoes, accessories, gifts, stationery and gems to jewelry and gadgets, you can find everything online. In this article, we have tried to list the best 10 Canadian sites for online shopping.

This list is not a comprehensive or an all-inclusive list. However, we have tried to list the big players in the different niches.

This site is the one stop destination for all your needs. Beware that once you log on to it, it is very likely that you will end up spending hours on it. Known for their fast and efficient service, this is one of the first choices of Canadians when it comes to buying things online.


If you are looking to buy books, then head to this online store. It is a den of good Canadian reads and the best thing is that you can expect the order to reach you within a week of placing it. To top this off, there are no shipping charges for orders above $25. Not only books are available though; you can find giftware items and much more here.

Gap Canada and its sister stores Banana Republic and Old Navy are perhaps some of the most preferred online shopping stores when it comes to clothing. Do check out all three of them.

Here you can expect to find everything you would want to see when shopping in a drugstore (of course, prescription drugs are excluded). The delivery of orders is fast and efficient. You will definitely love the experience of shopping at their user friendly site.

This relatively new online shopping destination has taken the Canadian shopping scene by storm. The most enticing feature about it is the 365 day return policy! From books to homeware and furniture, etc. you can find everything here.

The thrill of getting that awesome deal online is amazing. Groupon is the site to head to if you are looking for one.

Dell Canada

For people interested in buying laptops and desktops in Canada, the Canadian Dell website is the go to site. You can always find some deal or the other to lure you into purchasing, and that is not a bad thing at all.

Want to explore the world and are looking for best deals in airfares from Canada? is the best, and perhaps the most popular, site on which to check out the fares. You can be sure that you are going to get the best possible deal.

eBay Canada

eBay has a worldwide presence and here you can find everything you can think of. As one of the veterans in the online shopping world you cannot miss the fun of bidding here.

The Shopping Channel

From gems and jewelry to exclusive kitchen gear, welcome to a whole new world through the Shopping Channel online shop.

These are some of the most popular names in Canadian online shopping. Some other names worth mentioning are and, among others. For the best shopping experience on these sites make sure to read their terms and conditions and shipping times, etc. before placing the order. The online shopping world is full of exciting offers – go explore.


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