best mattress for you Shopping

4 Tips To Pick The Best Mattress For You

best mattress for you

best mattress for you

The mattresses on which you are planning to snuggle with your loved ones need careful consideration before the final purchase. A decision taken in haste will leave you shortchanged in the long run.

Tips for buying

The salesperson you will come across in a reputed store has significant expertise under the belt. This he will use effectively to persuade you to buy the mattress which will earn him maximum commission. To rely completely on his knowledge base may not be good for you. The intention behind this is often to earn a bonus or meet a sales target. Some salespeople representing top companies may have undergone extensive training to suggest the best mattress for you after an ergonomic survey. This you can understand from the advice offered regarding the most appropriate mattress which is done after taking into account your sleeping posture, chronic sleep problems you may suffer from, any bodily discomfort, like a stiff neck or a sore back, etc.

You should visit a number of stores to arrive at the best outlet that stocks only mattresses which will live up to the expectations of consumers. The internet can to be used to find out about consumers’ feedback regarding their experience at a particular store. Do not rely on one particular site as the reviews posted there may be doctored.

Tips to evaluate the reliability of online reviews

There is sometimes something fishy about sites that carry an abundance of positive customer reviews about a particular store.  Such sites generally feature reviews which are written within a span of a few days. Stores who adopt such illegitimate methods often do so to boost their ratings and to persuade simple members of the public to put their trust in them.

You should focus more on the negative comments to gain an insight into the extent of customer service given by a store. The store’s grievance addressing procedure should be taken into account. It is not a good sign if a store does not offer a solution to a customer’s problem and instead makes malicious comments against them.

However, you should exercise due diligence when reading negative comments as rival companies may have posted them in order to malign the public image of the store. Failure to engage in reputation management by the store may mean that the negative comments linger on the online platform.

Always go by your own judgment and shortlist, at most, five top best mattress stores. The parts that go into the making of branded mattresses are all sourced from the same point.



Picking the best mattress shop

Thoroughly research the professional reputation and customer feedbacks. The stock offered by the store must be checked to ensure that the mattress brand preferred by you features in its list.

The sales policy of the store must be read intently. The store may adopt the policy of full refund in the event that you may be unsatisfied with the product quality post purchase. The store may not assume the financial responsibility of taking back the product and may try to pass off the monetary burden on you even though the incidental expenses involved in returning an item may be covered in the original price. On top of that, you may be charged a restocking fee. The high fee will deter you from returning an unsatisfactory item. This means that you must go for a store that will exchange the mattress at a nominal fee in a hassle free manner. Your experience with the sales rep matters. Reputable stores do understand from their long experience in the business that it is normal for consumers to exchange their first mattress. They should never give you a difficult moment when exchanging a mattress. Such stores value customers more than anything else and you should stick with one of them.

The store being researched should necessarily carry a manufacturer warranty on any mattress brand. You should therefore get an easy exchange on the mattress if it turns out to be defective. Production defects can happen and a warranty will cover you against any such man/machine errors.

The mattress store should extend a comfort guarantee which differs from the ordinary manufacturer warranty. By exercising this option, you can return or exchange a mattress at will after trying it out, in the event that the comfort level offered by it does not match up with your preferences.


The transportation aspect should also be considered carefully. The distance of your home from the store will matter. If the store offers free delivery of the mattress to your chosen location, it is an added advantage. Some stores may make an additional charge if you opt to pick up the mattress yourself. The final decision is obviously yours.

The policy of the store matters on another front too. A store may offer removal of your old mattress if you so request. Mattress disposal should also count. Your present mattress can act as a yardstick for choosing the next one. If you wish to buy a mattress that is harder or softer than the current one, it should be immediately brought to the notice of the store’s sales representative. They will then offer you the best mattress for you by checking out the old one collected for disposal.

Final words

Before setting foot in the store, you should assess your spending capacity. This will help you focus on the mattress range that suits your budget and your attention will not stray into the realm of more expensive ones. This will ensure that your budget stays intact. Take stock of the accessories that you will be requiring while shopping for the new mattress; perhaps a bed frame or a platform base and headboard. The height of the present mattress should also be checked out with shoes on to facilitate easy selection of a new mattress. A thorough assessment of the present mattress will help you decide on the perfect mattress for you and allow you to seal the deal at the most competitive rates with the best mattress store near you.

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