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10 Effortless Changes For A Healthy Body

healthy body

Contrary to what people tell you, you don’t have to do anything drastic like depriving yourself of delicious meals or sweating it out at the gym to be healthy and disease-free. Instead, try some of these 10 easy ways of becoming healthy. Just make one minor change at a time and start to see drastic effects over time, you will become a new person

 1. Increase your sleep

increase your sleep

increase your sleep

If you cut down on your sleep because of home and work pressures, you run the risk of getting a heart attack. This is also true of those who have trouble sleeping. According to studies, insomnia sets off the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. If your body has high levels of this hormone, it can result in diabetes and high blood pressure, which open the floodgates for heart disease. Please set alarms to wake up I set alarms to sleep, when it goes off at night I know I should be getting ready to go to bed.

I used to have insomnia issues but tried the many proven techniques and it cured me. Haven’t had a sleepless night in over 9 years. The issue is not if the techniques work but how committed you are to doing the techniques and rewiring your brain.

2. Junk the fast food

The convenience of fast food doesn’t necessarily translate into healthy food for you. So, quit the habit of eating these because they are known to contain chemicals, meat of poor quality and fats. So, the moment you throw this out of your eating habits, you automatically lose a few pounds. Add aerated drinks to this list and you’ve lost some more. The moment you stop eating junk food, your fat build up reduces and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is an easy way to get to good health.

The best way to stop eating fast food is to make eating healthy food easy. Ensure you prep healthy meals so that you can grab it and go. Make batches of food for the week. Maybe there are healthy meals that you like but are expensive, use it to reward yourself when you do some of the other points.

3. No extras, please

When you’re out dining with friends, or even if you dine at home, make things special for yourself by eating something nutritious. All things nutritious needn’t be tasteless, particularly if you make small changes at first. For instance, your chicken burger needn’t have that ranch dressing you love so much. Or you could ditch the soda for a club soda with fresh lime, have the soda sensation of a sugar soda but no calories. It’s these small things that help you lose kilos faster than you thought possible. Want to try?

4. Add more veggies and fruits to your diet



Eat more fruits and veggies to your diet as they are low in calories and fat and being fibrous, they are filling. So, you don’t need to keep eating something because you’re hungry. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins that form the base of good health. Finally, they reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses and cancers. Start by adding at least one piece of veggie to your meals or pack that apple for the office.

5. Drink a lot of water

The one liquid you should drink is water. It’s the one liquid that can expedite your weight loss plans. A trick I use to make sure I drink enough water is to have a water bottle with the time on it, my goal is to drink that much water by the that time. It’s easier than having to drink enough water at the end of the day. Plus there is no need to remember and think about it.

water bottle with time markings

6. Eat protein-rich foods

By eating more protein-rich foods, you get the double benefit of good health and weight loss. These foods also give you a feeling of satiety. Proteins also help build and maintain muscle. They also help increase your metabolism. So, choose foods rich in Vitamin B and zinc, such as chicken and fish.

7. Spice up your food and be cancer-free

Add Curcurmin to your diet to prevent contracting Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and several tumors related to colon cancer. There are many simple and delicious recipes on websites and apps. I personally use AllReceipes.

8. Live long with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known to increase your longevity, particularly if you have about 700 IU every day. You can also obtain this vitamin by being in the sun and get the benefit of being type 2 diabetes-free, and get relief from asthma and cancer.

9. Increase your brainpower by eating chocolate



If you love eating chocolates, don’t feel guilty about it as eating it reduces your risk for heart disease, stroke and it increases your brainpower. It contains compounds known as flavonols that are antioxidant in nature and help improve blood circulation and blood flow reaching the brain. Be careful not to over indulge! Moderation my friend.

10. Got a cold? Sip on red wine

Red wine contains a very high level of resveratrol and polyphenols that kill the cold viruses that are multiplying in your system. Else, eat grapes whose husks are also high in resveratrol. Have some wine in the evening.

The goal is to make simple changes such as always order the chicken or fish dish and make it into a subconscious habit. Keep it simple then move to the next one.

Got some good tips? Share it with us below.

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