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Ten Simple Ways To Save Money Without Even Noticing It

Everybody wants to save more. Saving is easy when you earn lots of money but it can be extremely difficult if you are on a shoestring budget with absolutely no room for building up a nest egg for the future like a college fund, marriage fund or travel fund.

It is true – saving can be difficult to do. What is the best way to do this without you even to have to think about it, or becoming stressed when you do not have enough cash available? Read here about the timed automatic cat feeder: connection and assembly. Mentioned below are a few ideas that will help you. Saving money should be in your system of working, which will not only make it easy but make it a less challenging task. Perhaps following these tips will mean that you will not even notice the fact that you are saving money.



  1. Split your money when you get paid: One of the best ways to save without thinking is splitting your money as soon as you get paid. You can do so by dividing it into two parts. Keep one part for buying food, paying bills or an education fund and keep the other for saving.
  2. Split deposit: When you get paid, you can ask your employer to split your payroll deposit into two accounts. This way you won’t even notice that you are actually saving a lot of money. One will be your operating account that you will use to take care of everyday needs and the other will be your savings account. But remember to put aside only the amount for your savings that you are comfortable with.
  3. Use Internet banking: As soon as you get paid, ensure that your money is transferred automatically from your main account to your savings account. This is one of the easiest ways to manage your money as you can do it by arranging your account details online on your bank’s website from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Have you ever used a piggy bank? Well, this is definitely an old fashioned way of saving! However, the piggy bank can be a powerful savings tool. You can even gift your kids a piggy bank to instill saving habits. The money in your piggy bank can be used for small purchases that you would like to make, but are difficult due to constraints in your budget. For example, you can buy toys for the kids or simply get away for the weekend.
  5. Don’t have a piggy bank? Use a large glass jar! People who don’t have a piggy bank can use large glass jars that are often available in their homes. When you throw in those dollar bills and see them accumulating, you will be motivated to add more, which in turn means you will save more!
  6. Rewards on credit card payments: This is a tricky one and you need to be extra cautious that you don’t over spend. Cash back rewards can add to your savings.
  7. Save faster: Yet another way of saving fast is to put all your unexpected income directly into your savings account. If you have received a bonus or cash gift, put it in your savings account.
  8. Use cash instead of credit cards: It is always easy to overspend if you use a credit card. Instead, pay cash when you are eating out, shopping or going to the movies.
  9. Cut out unused expenditure: Services that you are paying for: are they worth it? Review them critically. Cancel or downgrade any service that is not worthwhile.
  10. Use technology to trim your expenses: Go to coupon websites and see if they are offering coupons for items you are planning to purchase. There are numerous online shops that offer discounts and you could take advantage of these, too.


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