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5 Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts That Will Melt Her Heart

Valentines gift ideas

Valentines gift ideas

Your valentine holds a special place in your life owing to the warmth, intimacy, romance and love they give to your life. Thoughtful gifts inspired by the loving feelings within you will further help this special relationship blossom, taking it to the next level and cementing the bond between you. We have put together five thoughtful valentine gifts that can add a sparkle to your love life.

Gift basket full of treats

gift basket

Treats that cause a smile to come to the lips of your valentine can eclipse any expensive gift in terms of sincerity and emotion. Take an attractive wicker basket, place a bunch of red roses in it, and stuff the basket with chocolates, candies, nuts, fruits, wine, snacks and other items that will capture the interest of your valentine. Arrange the items in the basket carefully so that the arrangement shows your choices to their best advantage. Spray it with a fragrance that has a special appeal for your valentine. This would be the ultimate celebration of the spirit of your love.

Beautiful pendant with name inscribed on it



Beautiful Pendant-01

Beautiful Pendant-01


Jewelry is the best friend of girls as it is a celebration of the womanhood. Pendants in white gold and platinum with beautiful filigree have been the latest craze with ladies. You can gift your lady love a beautiful pendant with her name boldly engraved on it. This will help her make a strong fashion statement as well as keep the memories of the relationship glowing in her heart. The glitter of the chain and the pendant pressing against her body are things that you and your valentine will cherish for a lifetime.

Something unique

Gifts displayed in shop windows may attract your valentine, but your valentine may not tell you openly what they actually desire; instead they might drop hints into your normal everyday conversations. You can then pick this up for the perfect valentine gift. Bathe the gift in the alluring scent of lavender or similar and see the look of delight on your valentine’s face when they accept your gift. Plan a night out so that you can present the gift and enjoy a chilled glass of wine and a favorite movie.

Decorating the bedroom

Romantic bedroom decoration

The valentine mood can be set by a romantic ambiance in your bedroom. Pretty up your bedroom with lanterns which give off a soothing light, heart decorations, and twinkling fairy lights, etc. Weave the lights around your bed and have the love symbols hanging above. Your modest room will be converted into a treasure trove of love, affection and romance. Make the special feeling glow between you and you will commune with the soul of your valentine in a room flooded with emotions. Prepare a tray with champagne and red roses and enjoy the evening.

Present a book describing your feelings

The Internet has revolutionized the way people interact with each other. This holds true when thinking of a thoughtful gift to present to your valentine. You can download book-making software from a relevant site. Lovingly prepare a book capturing the precious moments in your relationship and this will contribute to the strengthening of the bond between you. Include pictures and photos in the relevant places and write down your feelings. The emails that you may have exchanged while the relationship was blossoming should also feature in the scrapbook. Make sure to order early so it gets made and shipped to you on time.

These five thoughtful gifts will add a special charm to your Valentine’s Day celebration. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and gifts devised thoughtfully will be a celebration of the eternal spirit of love and romance.

What suggestions do you have on the perfect gift for your Valentines?

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