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World’s 10 Most Popular Destinations For Honeymoon

You have gone through the complicated business of planning your wedding: you have dealt with annoying relatives, worked hard to ensure that your decorations were perfect, fussed over your wedding dress, gone crazy about timelines and finally got that discount after lengthy discussions with your caterer. Find out if there is a desired model of the regulator leaf blower wind speed, because this is a very important criterion for choice. After all this and your wedding too you do need a place to unwind and relax so as to create the most wonderful memories of being with your new spouse. Whether your honeymoon lasts for a day or for a week, this time is really necessary and you have to ensure that you experience the best time of your life.

Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon Destinations

Whether you are going to a beach resort, adventure location or on a safari, your destination should be jointly agreed upon. After all both of you have to enjoy it! So here are some of the world’s most popular summer honeymoon destinations:

  1. The Maldives: This most romantic archipelago is a paradise of azure waters, white sandy beaches, resorts surrounded by palm trees, and islands boasting thick flora. The Maldives offer adventure in activities like scuba diving and windsurfing while the resorts offer never-ending pampering by meeting all your whims. It is a perfect summer honeymoon destination.
  2. Andaman and Nicobar: You simply can’t ignore the clean waters and stunning beaches here. This place is so beautiful that you will fall in love with it. The population is sparse and there is no one to disturb your peace and the romance of your honeymoon. Trekking, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and snorkeling can be done. Rent a tent and camp on the beach!
  3. Italy: If you are looking for old world charm then Italy is perfect. You will get lost and fall in love all over again in the cobblestone streets lined with bistros and alfresco bars. Wherever you go in Italy you are sure to enjoy sumptuous meals, great art, churches, museums, culture and wine.
  4. France: If all you can think of is the Eiffel Tower when you think of France, then you need to think more! France goes far beyond that imagined photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower. The varied landscape of rolling hills and the windswept coasts, the vibrant nightlife and awesome cuisine will make you want to live there forever.
  5. Niagara Falls: This is definitely a classic honeymoon destination. You must be thinking, “What is there to do besides looking at the falls?” Well, you can go to the Niagara Casino to try your luck or simply stroll down the streets of Niagara-on-the-Lake and enjoy its coffee shops and cafés.
  6. The Bahamas: There are so many beautiful islands to choose from in the Bahamas. This is one of the most romantic getaways of all. The best part is that there are several “romance directors” who can help you organize your dreamy honeymoon. You can choose from several sophisticated resorts and you will certainly enjoy both the nightlife and the water sports.
  7. The Turks and Caicos Islands: If you want to be blown away by pristine white sandy beaches and azure waters, then these are perhaps the most breathtaking spots you can visit. Located southeast of Miami, these islands boast the third largest coral reefs in the world.
  8. Aspen, Colorado:  This place offers numerous activities to couples who love being outdoors. You can go skiing, golfing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking or rafting. Its special attraction is the Yampah Spa and Vapor Caves.
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada: While Las Vegas is notorious for people getting married on an impulse, why not plan your honeymoon there? Revel in the dazzle of the casinos and impressive shows. In Vegas, let your imagination run wild.
  10. Tahiti: Also know as the “Island of Love”, Tahiti is breathtakingly beautiful with mountain peaks that touch the clouds and which are surrounded by lush green vegetation.

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